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Yoga Poses To Get Toned Thighs & Hips

We all hate to lose our shape and gaining weight is a huge deal among all of us, no matter what gender and no matter what age, and if you are one of those curvy woman who like to maintain their curves then I bet you would love to tone up your lower extremities and today we are shearing some Yoga Poses To Get Toned Thighs & Hips which are not only very good for thighs, hips and waist they are very good to help you lose over all weight too, these Yoga Poses To Get Toned Thighs & Hips are very easy to do and you can easily adopt these to get batter and perfect natural body.
Women do what not to get into best shape, they try diets, pills, teas and what not, but these are not right way, especially if you have kids to feed, then you need to eat healthy, but that does not mean that you cannot have perfect body, you can try running to lose weight and some exercises which help you tone down the lower section of your body and slim down your tummy and this is all you need to look beautiful and healthy yet perfectly toned and slim.

Yoga Poses To Get Toned Thighs & Hips: -
Chair pose:- This asana will require immense stamina and you may experience pain in your legs in the initial first practices , but eventually you would love the results, and it is very simple too, you need to start while you are standing on your feet and inhale while you raise your hands over your head and then bend your knees slightly and dip into a squat while exhalation like you are sitting in a chair, but don’t go all the way down, you need to stay in mid way and stay their fore at least 30-60 seconds and again come back to the standing position and then go again and do 12 rips
Dance Of The Legs: – lay down on your back and raise your left leg straight up as much as you can and inhale at the same time and then hold your foot with your hands and pull it toward your chin and at the same time pull your head toward your knee too and stay there for 60 seconds and then switch and do 12 reps.

Deep Squats: -This yoga exercise for thighs works wonders and for that you need to stand with your feet about 12 inches apart and bring the arms in front of you with palms facing the ground and now go down in squats in 90 degrees angle and stay there for second and come back and do that again and again for 2 minutes and then release.
Happy Child Pose: – It is best way to get slimmer legs, lay down your back and the bend your knees and hold sole and pull it downward and keep inhaling and exhaling for a minutes and then leave.

Warrior Pose: - This is not only very good for your this and your legs, it is very good for your overall weight loss too, stand straight with your feet apart and then shift your left foot to the side and make three to four feet distance between both the legs and then while you have your left foot straight, rotate the other one to your left side and twice your torso to your left side making sure your legs are in the same position and bend down toward your knee and push your tummy toward the knee and stay there for a while and take deep breath and then switch for 12 times each leg.

There are millions Yoga Poses To Get Toned Thighs & Hips you just need to look for the set that work for your body.


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