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Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain

I have been working through the week and I worked last weekend too and I was exhausted and my neck and my right shoulder were killing me. I used to do yoga very regularly during last summer and it was pretty affective so I decided to give some yoga posses try to get rid of that straight which was running throw out my shoulder and my neck, it took me only 45 minutes and I was fresh and fine and that is one reason I am shearing those Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain with all of you.
Sometime we get up with feeling some pain around the neck and shoulder without any reason, sometime some sort of tension pull our muscle and sometime over working, but no matter what is the reason behind this pain, it feels pretty horrible, and I hate when I cannot move my neck and my shoulder the way I want, crick in the neck is not only annoying, it can cause headaches and upper back pain too, and you can try these Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain and trust me, these work like magic.

Try Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain: -
Seated Neck Release: - Seated Neck Release is a very simple and gentle pose; it will make your muscles calm and relax. It targets the sides of your neck very lightly. Sit down on the floor in a cross-legged position, you can sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground too, as you feel comfortable and then now place your left hand on the top of your head and tilt your head to the left and put slightly some pressure with your hand to increase the stretch and then feel the pressure and then release, this will work on the strain and then work on other side for 30 seconds and release.

Seated Clasping Neck Stretch: - For this one you need to sit comfortably on the chair or you can sit on the floor as you feel comfortable. Now you need to clasp your hands and bring both palms to the back of your head, over the neck and start gently start putting some pressure with your hands and pull your head down toward your thighs till your chin touches your chest and you will feel some string in your spine, now push your shoulders back and feel the intensity of stretch even more for 30 seconds and then resale and then repeat for 10 times more.

Behind the Back Neck Stretch: - This is a very simple yoga pose for Upper Back & Neck Pain and for this you need to stand talk with straight spine and with your feet hip distance apart and your arms by your sides, be very calm and relax and now put your both hands on your back and hold your left wrist with your right hand and make your right hand to gently straighten your left arm and pull it away from you slightly, put some pull and then go over the left side a bit and pull your arm with your hand and feel the strain in your arms and your shoulder for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Bridge: - Bridge is great Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain, it can calm your whole body in only 2 minutes, lay down on your back with your arms along the sides of your body and then put your palms facing down near your shoulder and bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor and pull your heels as close as you can to your hips and then keep your feet parallel to each other and then with palm and feet pull yourself up in a bridge form and stay there as long as possible and then resale, enjoy my personally favorite Yoga For Upper Back & Neck Pain.


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