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Some Common Eye Makeup Mistakes Ideas

Some Common Eye Makeup Mistakes, Today I am going to share some simple eye makeup blunder for all beginners and I am trying my level best to keep thing simple cause when we start any new things we make lots of mistake, we all do, I did and I am trying to protect all of you from those embarrassing situations. There are so many things which we do to create new things, like sometime we try to do things just to look creative and innovative but we only end up with an odd looking looks especially with eye makeup and when we start applying makeup for very first time, or during that period of learning.

Eye Makeup Mistakes

Using blush as an eye shadow

We all comment such kind of things when we need to get ready in less time especially when we are nerves too, there are lots of time saving makeup tricks and we feel that applying blush color over your lids and use it as your eye shadow too and it sound well too, but it can be one of the biggest blunder too cause we normally use rose, red or peachy colors as blush and they don’t look good on our eyes in real life and they actually disturb the look too and does not make your eyes look good at all, so don’t do it.

Liquid Foundation as an Eye Shadow Base

You need to understand one things, you need primer to get perfect look and if you think that your liquid foundation or concealer can act as primer or base for your eyes then you are wrong, and it will get set in your cases within hours and sabotage your whole look cause foundation wasn’t designed for this purpose and the thick and heavy layer of foundation or concealer will make your eyes look tired instead of pretty, you have to use primer first and then apply any bas eye shadow and then start eye makeup.

Don’t be too bright

There is nothing wrong with experimenting and I always say that you get new things and new looks, but don’t be crazy and don’t be too creative if you are new in this line cause too bright and using neon colors only look cool when you go to a carnival or Halloween party and you actually know how to apply these perfectly and if you don’t know then don’t apply and keep learning with light things and then get your hands on such bright things, cause if you are new then pick elegant and sophisticated looks and  avoid vivid colors.

Not Blend Well

This is one of the most common thing which normally every make-up artists teach to their student, but normally new comes feel that they have blended it well and things are smooth whereas anyone can see harsh lien and it looks absolutely horrible, eye shadow should be blended well and look like soft smoke and one shade that goes lighter to darker or darker to lighter and creating a impression between crease and brow bone.

No separate blending brush

IF you are trying to get a perfect look then you have to blend it well and you need to have a separate blending brush for this cause if you apply shade with a brush and then blend with the same brush, you will only end up with more shade on your lid than you need and that will just make your eyes look heavier and thick and that does not look flattering at all.


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