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Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Carrying a baby is a whole new world of experiences and issues, especially if this is very first time when you got pregnant, I bet you need to call your doc all the time, for one issue and then for many issues , so just keep you horses tight and enjoy this time cause nothing is new, no matter what you are experiencing, your doc has a solution for it and if you have your mother or mother in-law around then they can actually help you a lot too, but we do have some simple solution for your too, specially for the discomfort you feel all the time on your lower back, we have some yoga For Back Pain During Pregnancy and I can tell you again that it is not something serious, your body is not used to of all of the changing that are happening inside you and your body is carrying the fetus all the time and its getting tired which is not only giving some serious string to your body and to your muscles too and that is what making you feel the pain on some part of your body all the time, this is the price of that happiness you are about to get and till then we have some Yoga For Back Pain During Pregnancy.

Today we are going to share some simple yoga posses and the woman you are going to see is Chippy , she is 39 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby so if she can do all of that then you can too so put the all lame excuses aside and get on your feet and try all of these and these yoga for Back Pain During Pregnancyis not only very good to treat back pain, it will prevent that pain too, just be really very careful, do whatever it take, just don’t lose hope and don’t lay down on your baby.
First of all, before we start this session of Yoga For Back Pain During Pregnancy, I want you to eat healthy and keep on your feet as much as you can cause it would be easier to keep getting big while you are pregnant, but it will hell hart of lost all of that weight later on, and I bet you cannot live with the body that show you are ready to pop any minute.
Here is some Yoga For Back Pain During Pregnancy.

Restorative Dog – I would say sit on your legs bended under you and then role your tones and lift your hips the way you can see her and lay down on your shoulders and put your hands straight, pressing you forehead on ground and now take a deep breath into your upper back through your nose and as you exhale allow your chest to drop and feel the pain moving straight away.
Cat / Dog – Get on all fours and inhale deep into your baby as you arch up and then exhale round your back and keep doing that for next 10 inhale and exhale and slowly move your body to the breath and it will not only help you with your Back Pain During Pregnancy, but it is very good for your body and your baby too.
Hip Circles – Get on your fours and make small circles with your hips for one minutes and then switch directions and do at least 4 rips and it will not only reduce pain, it will help you with your fat around you booty too.

Calf Stretch – Get on all fours and then put all your burden on left knee and take your right leg behind you and tuck your toes under and start pushing your heal back and hold for a few breaths and then take it back and keep doing that till you feel some relief .
Side Stretch – It is a kind of part of Calf Stretch, you push your leg back and then you swing it behind you over the left and bend your elbows slightly and look behind at your right foot and keep breathing and relax, try Yoga For Back Pain During Pregnancy and actually enjoy smooth pregnancy.


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