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Get Rid Of Whitehead of Pimple Clogging Of Pores

The white heads are the type of pimple made by clogging of pores of sebaceous glands. These glands are under the skin to create oil and keep the skin moisten and shiny. But the over activation of these glands or if skin is not properly cleaned and dirt trapped in these pores it will get in the form of white heads or black heads. It is the   great fear of beauty. It is found in teenagers mostly and also common among adults.The following step steps should be taken immediately to get rid from white heads.

White heads first step is to clean or detoxify your body from impurities. Because its one of the bacterial infection but not need any antibiotic to be taken. Just take LEMONADE as much as you can. It’s the juice of lemon in which lemon, water and honey is mixed together. It will be drinking many times a day as much as you can.
White heads are actually the blocked pores of skin in which bacteria trapped and cause infection .so these pores must be cleaned by hot or cold compress. Hot compress is used to widen the pores and then the debris in it is pulled out after that these pores should be closed by cold compress. For this purposespecial tool is available in market made up of stainless steel with the loop of steel wire at its head but it is used with care and properly sterilized. And before its use steaming is done to open the pores.
Honey is the best natural anti bacterial gift. As we know it’s the bacterial infection, so apply simple honey on these white heads and place it for 20 minutes on the skin after rubbing gently them with honey. After it wash the face. This process is repeated twice in a week.
Neem is a tree and has antibiotic and antiseptic abilities. Its fruit and leaves are very beneficial for cosmetic purposes. If these are crushed and applied on the place it will sooth the problem.
Drink plenty of water. Eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Keep your skin clean and pores of skin should be cleaned with deep cleanser.
If some antibiotic needed visit the dermatologist and prescribe the antibiotic if your skin has the tendency of reoccurrence.


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